East Malvern    Tennis Club

Sunday Social

This is a great opportunity to meet other club members. It is held between 1.00pm and 4.30pm and we have courts 1 to 8 available to play on. This is becoming very popular and we regularly have 40 people turn up and play on a nice day.

The format is doubles. It is “Social” and not “Competition”. The only prerequisite is the ability to serve the ball and play a rally.  (For those wishing to play competition, email the club and we can get you into a team.)

IMG_6833When you arrive, you put your name on the white board near the clubhouse door. You pay $1 for good quality balls to play with. We have new balls every second week.

The first round of doubles is played as per arrival. There is a number system for the subsequent rounds to ensure you play with different players.

The rule of thumb, is that the last players to have completed a set will be the first to sit out in the next round. Priority will be given to “Members”. There is no perfect system, as players come and go during the afternoon. If we leave the numbers alone, we can have a fair mix of doubles matches.

We encourage you to bring down guests, two or three times in a year. The cost for a guest is $10 per visit. We do not have the capacity for continuous guests.

As with all court usage, all the players bag, sweep the lines, and water the court, during the day. At the end of play for the afternoon, the courts are bagged and watered. Please feel free to remind players, if they forget. If you are unsure about how to water, please ask someone else if they know. Poor water application can cause damage to the court surface, and make you quite unpopular.

Note: during the pennant season, there are two Sunday teams and 2 courts (7&8) are allocated to them every week for approx. 2-3 hours.