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2014 Parent/Child Tournament

2014 16Nov Parent Child Tournament IMG_2223  2014 16Nov Parent Child Tournament IMG_2225

What a great day we had on Sunday, 16th November 2014.

All of us involved in organising were very concerned about the weather early in the day!  A team of people lead by Ian Fuelscher and Rohan Appleton started the mop up process. Thanks to the members (Masami and Ian) who pitched in as well. The Gods smiled on us with the weather, later in the afternoon. It was great to see our families playing tennis together. We are a family club and our future depends on our young players coming through. The format was a winner from where I was watching. There were lots of great rallies and the games were played in good spirit. Teaching our young players about being winners in life and not just worrying about the scoreboard, was the order of the day (A timely reminder for some of us older players as well). This was reflected in the runner up and winners speeches.

Well done to our Winners – Sam & Angus Plowman (below this Ian and their trophy), and Runners-Up – Paul & Tom Lidgerwood.

2014 16Nov Parent Child Tournament Winners Sam & Angus Plowman  2014 16Nov Parent Child Tournament IMG_2228

Lots of fun and a few prizes were the order of the day. Thanks to the families who bought food to supplement the sausages (Well cooked Jamie) and bread, at the end of the day.
Thanks to our regular Sunday Social members for being accommodating of this special day. It was good to see a couple of informal lessons with Marcus when he wasn’t busy. We are very lucky to have the Futures Team as part of our club. They are great role models for all of us.
I must thank Karen Clydesdale and Tennis Australia for providing help and prizes, in that order. Well done to Leigh Hunt for her assistance and her charity work. I have to thank Deb Bolic for continuing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Between Deb and Ian the day was a roaring success. We are very lucky to have both of them on our committee.
Thanks to the guys who helped me with the dishes at the end (yes we are buying a new dishwasher soon). If I’ve missed your contribution, forgive me. I trust you all enjoyed the day and will come to the next one we have.

Ralph Muir-Morris

President of EMTC