East Malvern    Tennis Club

Life Member

EMTC has been privileged to have within it’s membership body a group of individuals that have dedicated an enormous amount of effort, energy and time over a long period of time to the clubs interest. We have celebrated their efforts by awarding these outstanding individuals Life Membership.

List of life members

  • Mr H Taylor
  • Mr G Thomas
  • Dr W Denehy
  • Mr H Virtue
  • Mrs M Virtue
  • Mrs F Bateman
  • Mr W Ross
  • Mrs S Ross
  • Mr M Thompson
  • Mr T Jones
  • Mr R Lourey
  • Mrs D Kitchin
  • Mr L Stanley
  • Mr R O’Connor
  • Mr J Stanley
  • Mr B Slattery
  • Mr C Edmonds
  • Mr J Cahill
  • Mrs D Cahill
  • Mr B Brennan
  • Mr G King
  • Mr R Milledge
  • Mrs M Beggs
  • Mrs L Dennis
  • Mrs D Quince
  • Mrs E Arrowsmith
  • Mrs J Henderson
  • Mrs J Broad
  • Mr A Young
  • Mr I Reade
  • Miss L Hovey