East Malvern    Tennis Club

Friday Social

Played on Courts 7 – 10, from 9.30am -12pm

This is a great opportunity to meet other club members.

The format is doubles. It is “Social” and not “Competition”. (For those wishing to play competition, please email us and we will try to get you into a team).

002Come down to Court 7 and meet the group.

The first round of doubles is played as per arrival. You will be moved around into other doubles pairings during the morning.

The rule of thumb, is that the last players to have completed a set will be the first to sit out in the next round. Priority will be given to “Members”. There is no perfect system, as players come and go during the morning.

We encourage you to bring down guests. The cost for a ‘member invited’ guest is $10 per visit. We also offer $10 per hour per non-member.

As with all court usage, all the players bag, sweep the lines, and water the court, during the morning. At the end of play for the morning, the courts are bagged and watered.

We encourage members to bring down guests. The Guest needs to be signed in by a member and the fee of $10 given to the Admin Office, or placed into an envelope, with the member’s name and visitor’s name on it. The envelope then goes into a slot at the office window.
Non-members please contact the Admin Office on 0477 858 854 prior to attending to arrange payment and be introduced to our members.