East Malvern    Tennis Club

Lighting Upgrade: Courts 1-6

January 17: Work is complete – our night tennis players are enjoying the improved new lights and ball visibility!

December 16:  Work is nearly completed – please click on the most recent update below:

October 16: Work has started on the upgrade.

July 2016: As many of you are aware the current lights are 37 year old metal halide lights. These lights are well below required standards and the committee has been working with the Stonnington Council to co-fund replacement of these old lights with new LED lighting. LED offers many benefits including much brighter lights, lower maintenance costs, and minor loss over time compared to the existing lights.

The Council has has just announced that it will provide a significant contribution of  $100,000 towards these new LED lights for courts 1 to 6. The Club also intends to look at replacing the globes on courts 7 to 10 with LEDs when suitable retro-fit ones become available.

This is a fantastic result for the club and our members and we would like to especially thank Councillor John McMorrow for his contribution towards this outcome.

There is a co-funding component the club will need to pay for.  The club has reserves available for capital improvements and this is a major project that will greatly enhance the playing experience at East Malvern Tennis Club.

We hope you are as excited as we are about finally bringing this project to fruition.  It is with great pleasure that we can advise our members that Stonnington Council have agreed to provide a 50% contribution of $100,000 towards the replacement of lights on Courts 1 to 6.